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Fresh from the drawing board, my latest work.  I hope that you like it, and if you have any thoughts on what should come next, let me know!

CR Frogs.jpg
Chirruping Tree Frogs

A trip to the rainforest to see what you can see.  If you look carefully, these little creatures will make you smile. 

Unicorn & Rainbow Print

A magical creature in a dream world of a rainbow and butterflies.  This print is created from a drawing that I created with a special girl in mind. Perfect for bedrooms and dreams!

O for Octopus

An Octopus's garden beneath the waves.... Olivia, Oscar or Oran, who wouldn't love a print to decorate their bedroom, or a mug for a morning drink?

A is for Aardvark
M for Meerkats

A present for Madison, Martha, Michael or Midge. Meerkats make me smile, I hope that they will make a bedroom wall jolly or a breakfast table sunny.

This picture includes the anthills that Aardvarks love to raid, the ants that they eat and the baobab trees that are near their homes! Who knows an Andrew, Alex or Anna who wants to decorate their room?

Cats on an Armchair

Cats sleep anywhere, any table any chair.......... a fine porcelain mug that is perfect for cat lovers

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Grace Palmieri


​I love colour and the effect that it has on mood, interiors and our emotions.  My work is a fun, frivolous take on the every day.  I can create something just for you, for a friend, for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, anniversaries.  Just let me know a little about the person that the work is for, their interests and loves and I'll do the rest.  Or, you can purchase an existing work to make you, your friends and family smile! 

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