Flamboyant Flamingos

Chirruping Frogs
Brightly coloured tree frogs sing out in the rainforest of Costa Rica. A pen and ink drawing by Grace Palmieri
A Story of Flamingoes &Frogs
I love the flamboyance of flamingoes and the bright colours of tree frogs. . Recent visits to Lake Bogoria in Kenya and the rainforest of Costa Rica inspired these bright flights of fancy.
Tree Frogs Print
Canvas and art prints. Brightly coloured tree frogs call out in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Created from a pen and ink drawing by Grace Palmieri.
Flamingo Print
Canvas and giclee prints of my original flamingo picture. Available in a range of sizes up to 24" x 24" £30 - £90

Original created in pen & ink by Grace Palmieri
Flamingo Mugs
A fine porcelain mug features my flamingoes picture. It contains 10 fl oz of your favourite drink and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Price £10.95 each plus p&p

Original artwork by Grace Palmieri
Flamingo Coaster
Flamboyant cocktails deserve exotic coasters. These cork backed coasters feature my brightly coloured work in a high gloss finish.

Four coasters £14.95 plus p&p

Original created in pen and ink by Grace Palmieri
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Grace Palmieri


​I love colour and the effect that it has on mood, interiors and our emotions.  My work is a fun, frivolous take on the every day.  I can create something just for you, for a friend, for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, anniversaries.  Just let me know a little about the person that the work is for, their interests and loves and I'll do the rest.  Or, you can purchase an existing work to make you, your friends and family smile! 

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