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I enjoy playing with different ideas and creating pictures that bring out the fun, colourful side of life. Each of my pictures includes a little 'twist' - oversized chestnut leaves on a chestnut tree, lime leaves in a G&T, tartan in a Scottish cuppa and paisley for an Indian friend. There is a also a collection for new borns featuring baby foot prints.


Recent commissions have included a 40th birthday card and a seascape that have been specially created to reflect the personality and interests of the recipient, a depcition of Gatsby the dog in his favourite park and a fabulous owl with hypnotic eyes! 


If you would like something just for a special someone, let me know your preferred subject, colour palette and any special features or 'twists that you would like to see. Just get in touch and let me create something colourful and uniquely yours.

This is where it all begins.... a blank pad, a set of colours - and water from my favourite bottle!

Now the first sketch. This is where I try out my ideas, imagine the patterns that I will use and create my palette.

After twenty to thirty painstaking hours the final work is complete and ready for the client or to go to the printers.

The last step. The printers deliver a fabulous final canvas print. Perfect for delivery to the right home.

Up onto the wall it goes. This picture certainly makes a statement!

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Grace Palmieri


​I love colour and the effect that it has on mood, interiors and our emotions.  My work is a fun, frivolous take on the every day.  I can create something just for you, for a friend, for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, anniversaries.  Just let me know a little about the person that the work is for, their interests and loves and I'll do the rest.  Or, you can purchase an existing work to make you, your friends and family smile! 

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