Colourful artwork and homeware with flair and humour

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Deer & Unicorns
Unicorns, stags and deer feature in prints, mugs and coasters created from original pen & ink drawings by Grace Palmieri
Rainforest Flamingoes & Frogs
Fabulously flamboyant flamingoes and tree frogs appear in the jungle. Prints, mugs and coasters. Original pen & ink art by Grace Palmieri
Dachshunds & Cavaliers
Dog themed prints, mugs and coasters in this delightful collection for dog lovers by Grace Palmieri
Owls Galore
It's night time, trains are on the move and owls come out to fascinate in prints and cards. Reproduced from an original art work by Grace Palmieri
Hampton Court Palace
Henry VIII's favourite palace, which he shared with all of his wives. This picture includes references to the King, the House of Tudor, the famous maze and the trees in his nearby hunting grounds. Reproduced from an original art work by Grace Palmieri
Christmas Reindeer
Reindeer fly above festive chimney tops.
Children's Collection
Multi, pink and blue teddy bear prints are perfect for young children. Created by Grace Palmieri, they can be personalised with baby's names and dates of birth.
A Long Cool Drink
A refreshing Gin & Tonic joins a collection of cocktails
Valentine's Day
A perfectly romantic pair of teddy bears snuggle up before a sunset. A high quality card is the perfect way to say I love you. reproduced from a pen & ink drawing by Grace Palmieri
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Grace Palmieri


​I love colour and the effect that it has on mood, interiors and our emotions.  My work is a fun, frivolous take on the every day.  I can create something just for you, for a friend, for birthdays, christenings, Christmas, anniversaries.  Just let me know a little about the person that the work is for, their interests and loves and I'll do the rest.  Or, you can purchase an existing work to make you, your friends and family smile! 

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